Our technical excellence enables us to offer a qualitative range of Floating Media to the client's at most reasonable prices. These floating products are specially designed to enhance the performance of new as well as old bio reactors. Clients can avail the entire range from us in various sizes and other specifications in tandem with their specific requirements

PROFLEX MBBR MEDIA virtually increases the surface area of the aeration tank required for biogrowth which aid in digesting the organic matter useful in the treatment of, municipal and industrial effluent. The Media provides high surface area per unit volume rendering it more effective, which also comes with a very competitive price.

PROFLEX MBBR MEDIA provides large surface area per cubic meter of volume and is highly suitable for attached microbial growth. The medium not only provides the nutrients needed for microbial growth but also for the metabolite production. Bio Pac Media finds widespread application in Waste Water Treatment.

MBBR Media

No . of pieces - 75,000/m3

Surface Area - 400m2


High shelf and service life

Very fine bubble aeration

Efficient oxygen transfer rate


Low maintenance

Good Mechanical strength

High temperature resistance


Industrial Effluent Treatment

Municipal Effluent Treatment

Diffused Aeration Tanks

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